Gyro Hunter

Rules & Regulations:

  • Event is restricted for Individual (No team registration)
  • Outside Purchased kits are not allowed. Each Model should be designed, constructed, launched and repaired by contestants. We issue officially licensed Kits.
  • Maximum of 2 attempts per person and the best of 2 will be considered
  • Models must be thrown into the air using only hand power.
  • There will be no sharing of the flying models during the event and participants who comes barehanded or borrowed model entries will be disqualified including those contestants who allowed their models to be utilized by others in the competition. 
  • All must have their Model Identification Number clearly pasted on the surface of the Model.(Issued on the event day)
  • Score will be calculated by measuring the distance between the contestant and the model where it gets landed.
  • Minimum distance will be considered as a score from the 2 attempts.
  • No contestant should fly their model in crowded areas, if violating will be disqualified.
  • Model should be flown only under proper supervision and in open areas only.

Note: Flying this model in crowded areas or without proper training can cause serious injuries.  No additional kits will be provided if damaged/broken. 

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 If you are a student register at your School Coordinator. Schools can register by either call +91 9894442229 or Fill the form below 

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